Gizmondo's Elusive 'Dietrich' In Police Custody

Remember when Gizmondo's CEO Stefan Eriksson completely obliterated his Ferrari Enzo on the PCH and blamed his make-believe German buddy "Dietrich" for the whole thing? It appears that even the friends of rich-and-infamous failed entrepreneurs can't outrun the law forever. After spending over a year on the lam, a man… » 8/10/07 8:47pm 8/10/07 8:47pm

RISE Three-part CD Player Keeps Components Safe From...Each Other?

Audiophiles will stop at nothing to reach aural nirvana, which is the only justification for RISE's existence. Hand crafted in Italy, RISE is a CD player in which the various components (power source, control panel, and a Philips CD reader) are stashed in separate aluminum boxes to eliminate all mechanical and… » 8/09/07 11:07pm 8/09/07 11:07pm

Ford Sync In-Car Audio System Coming This Fall for $395

The Microsoft/Ford partnership in-car audio system, officially dubbed Sync, was priced today as a $395 option on this fall's Ford Focus, Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX vehicles. Sync integrates your digital audio player and/or cellphone with your car's stereo system, allowing you to control your listening experience via… » 8/09/07 9:16pm 8/09/07 9:16pm

EA Sports Fifa '07 Case Mod Winner Melds Sport, Hardware

The winner of last year's EA Sports Fifa case mod contest pulled a repeat this year, managing to outdo himself as well as the competition. The case itself is covered in a textured paint that simulates a leather soccer ball (sorry 'the rest of the world,' your sport is still "soccer" here) and even the peripherals are… » 8/09/07 7:53pm 8/09/07 7:53pm

Piss-Screen Urinal Game Discourages Drunk Driving

Forget the Wiimote, this humble German-engineered device houses a racing game controlled by your powerful stream of urine. Designed to promote taxis as an alternative to drunk driving, the Piss-Screen shocks drunkards with a brutal car crash when they inevitably ram their virtual roadster into oncoming traffic.… » 8/08/07 8:20pm 8/08/07 8:20pm

Magellan's Triton GPS Features Touch Screen, National Geographic Maps

Unleash your inner explorer with the adventurous Triton handheld GPS from Magellan. There are six models in total, all sporting QVGA touch screens (2.2"or 2.7") that are waterproof up to one meter. Some feature expandable memory via an SD slot alongside a 2-megapixel digital camera and digital audio player. The… » 8/07/07 9:36pm 8/07/07 9:36pm

Nokia Prism Line Is Official, Still Goofy Looking

I don't know how carving a bunch of geometric lines in a phone helps a company "tap into the cultural zeitgeist," but that's what Nokia is claiming their now-official line of Prism phones does. The lower-end 7500 is your basic multimedia phone complete with music player (MP3/AAC/WMA), 2-megapixel camera and Opera Mini… » 8/07/07 7:51pm 8/07/07 7:51pm

Xbox 360 Input Machine Has Gamer Playing Halo 2 With Wiimote

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It's impossible to ignore the unique brand of fun the Wii brings to the table with its motion-sensitive controller, but if you aren't into minigame fests, you don't have a lot of options for taking advantage of it. That's why one dedicated gamer decided to meld the power of the Wiimote with the game… » 8/07/07 6:49pm 8/07/07 6:49pm

Camy Pro Gear Wiimote Hero Pack Totally Hy-Rules!

While it isn't officially licensed Zelda merchandise, the Hero Pack is probably the closest you'll ever get to swinging a Wii-enabled Master Sword without going the DIY route. This slightly miniaturized Hyrulean sword-and-shield combo is easy to assemble and designed to preserve all button and IR functionality. Live… » 8/06/07 11:52pm 8/06/07 11:52pm

Sole Mio Concept Mouse Recharges via Sunlight

The sun may be the bane of basement-dwelling geeks everywhere, but Sole Mio doesn't care. Designed for office workers who have regular access to sunlight (via windows, etc.), this environmentally friendly mouse is currently undergoing testing to see if it can charge itself during normal daily activities. The designers… » 8/06/07 11:06pm 8/06/07 11:06pm

Wibrain's B1 UMPC is Super Connected, Super Ugly

Getting a UMPC with every wireless connection capability you could dream of will cost you. If that UMPC is Wibrain's business-centric B1, that price will be largely social as your peers ridicule you for toting your goofy gadget around the office. 802.11b/g, Bluetooth 2.1, GSM/GPRS/EDGE and HSDPA are all yours along… » 8/06/07 8:14pm 8/06/07 8:14pm

Zero X Electric Motorcycle is Fast, Eco-Friendly, USB Compatible

What have your lithium-ion batteries done for you lately? Forget powering those handheld gadgets, the king of lithium-ion batteries is sitting in the heart of the Zero X electric motorcycle. Named for its lack of emissions and noise, the 120-pound Zero X still pumps out 20 horsepower and tops out at around 50 miles… » 8/03/07 10:00pm 8/03/07 10:00pm

Rock Out All Day (and Night) with Transcend's T.sonic 840 DAP

In a world of complex do-it-all gadgets, the T.sonic 840 might seem a little bland. It's a fairly basic digital audio player, supporting everything you'd expect in the audio (MP3, WMA, WAV, WMA-DRM10) and visual (JPG, BMP) departments. But it is the simple yet functional approach that allows Transcend's latest gadget… » 8/02/07 11:20pm 8/02/07 11:20pm